Welcome to the Shadows

Some people say that those who exist in the shadows of society are just criminals and squatters. They say that these people have no influence on what really happens in the world, that to believe that there are people out there who exist and thrive off of the dirty deeds that others need done is to believe in myths and fairy tails. Well we know those people to be wrong.

We are the ones who don’t just exist, but thrive in the shadows. We are those people who others come to when they need something done quietly; sometimes legal things, but more often then not less then legal. We are the ones your mothers warned you about. We are the ones the police are trying to catch. We are the ones the police come to when they have something that needs done quickly and quietly. We have many names. We use any and all resources to our advantage. You will never see us coming and will not know when we leave, but more often then not you will know that we were there.

We are the Shadow Runners.
Welcome to our domain.


The Failures

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