The Failures

The Gathering of The Failures
The Adventures Begin

As we enter into our story we meet our first protagonists. An unlikely pairing of Troll and Human, the socially inept Twinkle Toes and the unfortunately young Janie. Thrust together by the sudden but not unexpected murder of Janie’s father. Twinkle Toes, the designated God Father for Janie and the closest thing she had to a Relative, was never expecting to be a father any time soon, if at all.

He awoke in the middle of the night to loud banging on the door. When he opened it there stood a man in a suit and Janie. The man introduced them to each other, informed Twinkle Toes of his legal responsibility for the child for at least 6 months, and then with out any other explanation…left. Things got off to a rough start, but Twinkle Toes…you know what, i don’t like typing Twinkle Toes every time, so I am going to call him Ralph…Anyway, Ralph seems very patient as he and Janie attempt to learn about each other and get along.

After going shopping and some unfortunate mishaps that happened near the local All-Mart, things seemed to be going somewhat smoother as Ralph started his first job after a bit of a break for the shadow running world. A simple enough job, escort a big wig from Tir Tangier around while he had some fun in the famous Seattle night life. After going to a couple clubs the elfin big wig retired to a hotel room with two female companions. With a little herding from Janie, she and Ralph stationed themselves down the hall and started the long wait for the elf to finish his fun.

Ten hours later, their escort contract expired. But Mr. Elf has not yet emerged from his room. After knocking politely, Janie and Ralph enter the hotel room to find the elf and one of the women gone with the other one lying in the bed peacefully with her throat split open and her life soaking into the mattress. After a fruitless search of the room with no signs of struggle or exit of the room, they call their contact for the job: Mr Elf’s Secretary.

After a professional investigator examines the room, and a very detailed description of the suspected culprit by Janie. They determine that their Big Wig has been nabbed by someone who has a notorious reputation in the Shadows, no one but her contacts knows her name but many people know about her and she is refereed to in whispers as Octapussy.

Janie, always the opportunist, springs upon the chance to get another job, this one probably paying a lot more then that last one. She lands them the chance to find and rescue the big wig elf and maybe bring Ocatapussy to “justice”.

Now all they need is a team…


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